Good Hair Day Fabric Binding Quilt

As I recommit to blogging, it is fitting that I start by featuring the lovely work of Kim Andersson of I Adore Pattern!!!!  I first meet Kim through my favorite blogging adventure with my dear friend Ellen Rushman.  Back in our graduate school days, Ellen and I decided that what we enjoyed most was encouraging and supporting other creatives. With this in mind we developed and ran two extremely fun on-line fabric design competitions! Kim was part of our second competition and I had the pleasure of meeting her during the competition at the first QuiltCon and it was love at first hug. Kim gives amazing hugs and has an amazing laugh!(Why can’t I find a picture of the two of us together?) Who am I kidding? We were actually in love with Kim before her hugs, how could we not fall in love with her aesthetic?  Each design she submitted for the composition was amazing and I couldn’t be happier to see how much she has accomplished in the fabric design world!

This summer I had the wonderful opportunity of working with Kim’s Good Hair Day fabric line, which is her second line of fabric with Windham Fabrics.  The colors in this collection are so amazing, and The Chaton and I can’t get enough of it!

Good Hair Day Fabric by Kim Andersson of I Adore Pattern

I am one of those lazy girls, whose makeup kit involves Burt’s Bees Tinted Lip Gloss but I get away with being lazy because my mother gave me beautiful hair. While I am lazy, The Chaton is the opposite….she takes extremely good care of her hair and spends an excessive amount of time grooming. Above she is getting her beauty sleep on one of our favorite Good Hair Day prints, and below she is seen grooming herself while I am trying to quilt. (She is now looking over my shoulder making sure I only put up flattering pictures of her.)

Kim Andersson I Adore Pattern Windham Fabric.JPG

When Kim asked me if I wanted to use her new fabric line, I jumped at the chance. The bright colors work perfectly with my Kinship Quilt Pattern and I also wanted to use it to make a purse that would be perfect for running around town and getting pampered at the salon.

Kinship Quilt by Domestic Strata with Good Hair Day Fabric
Photo Provided by Windham Fabrics

Don’t you love how that purple and yellow bobby pin print ties the Kinship Quilt together? I always think that I know what print is my favorite but it isn’t easy and I think that a sign of a great fabric collection is that it isn’t easy to pick one favorite.

Corsica Bag Tutorial by Domestic Strata with Good Hair Day Fabric
Photo provided by Windham Fabrics

I don’t go to the salon very often…I wish I was more of a girly girl and went on a regular basis….but when I do I like to have a purse that is small enough to not get in the way, so I designed the Corsica Purse pattern for running errands and made it big enough for everything you need but easy for hanging on a hook.

Check back on Friday, Jan 22nd for the Free Tutorial to make the Corsica Bag as part of a new Project Friday on Domestic Strata for 2016. On the third Friday of each month I will be featuring a Free Tutorial for a fun weekend project! So make sure you sign up in the side bar so you don’t miss out on any of the fun.

My favorite Good Hair Day project turned out to be a random side project. This was my first test run of the Oliver and S Everyday Skirt pattern and I wear it all the time! I significantly shortened the length of the skirt but love how good it looks in this Good Hair Day print.

Madeleine Roberg

After working with Kim’s fabric this summer, I decided that I really needed a hair cut and I chopped off about 10 inches!!!!! It felt amazing!!!


Charm Pack Good Hair Day
Photo Provided by Windham Fabrics

For a chance to win, tell me what your favorite hair color is in the comment section!

The giveaway will be open from now until 7PM CST on Thursday, January 21. The winner for this charm pack will be picked at random and I will announce the name HERE on Friday, January 22, along with the FREE tutorial for the Corsica Bag!

This giveaway is open to everyone, USA and International.

If you’re a “no reply” or anonymous commenter, please remember to include your email address in your comment!

Make sure to visit all of the wonderful blogs below to see some awesome projects using Good Hair Day fabric and for more giveaway opportunities!

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51 thoughts on “I’M HAVING A GOOD HAIR DAY! ARE YOU?

  1. I definitely love being Blonde but it’s just so much upkeep so I’ve switched to just blonde streaks in my hair. It’s easier to manage as it grows out 😉 Thanks for the chance at the beautiful fabric!!


  2. I have come to love my own hair color, black, and it’s progression to grey. So, salt and pepper now, and more on salt side as the years go by! By the way, your hand quilting is beautiful.
    kakingsbury at verizon dot net


  3. I went silver in my early 20s. I tried every color in the rainbow to cover it up and nothing looked right to me. A few years ago a saavy stylist added a streak of rust to my grey mane and it was perfect! For the record I’d rather go to the dentist than the salon 😉


  4. Howdy from Lincoln! I have to like my gray/salt and pepper hair, other wise I would color it all the time like my sister does! But if I were a young whippersnapper (like you), I’d go for a auburn/dark brown with red highlights.
    Marty (link.martyat gmail dot com — not knowing if I am a no reply person or not…. I don’t think I am…)


  5. I like having dark brown hair with red highlights. I tried going lighter, but it just wasn’t me. Cute projects! I will be looking forward to the bag tutorial.


  6. I have gone au naturel and it was the best decision ever!!! I might be young and with grey hair but it works better than any dye job with my skin tone!!! Love you projects and I love the prints and colours in this fabric collection!! Thanks for sharing in the hop!!


  7. You chopped off 10 inches of hair?? Woweeee, that’s quite a change! Now you’ve got me afraid of working with this fabric collection, even though I don’t have 10 inches of hair to begin with! My favorite hair color comes from a bottle and it is 5RB which is Medium Reddish Brown. It’s pretty close to my natural color, back in the days before the gray set in. Enjoy your new look! I’m looking forward to your Corsica Bag pattern!


  8. My sister had bright red hair and that is still my favorite hair color. Our dog Mavis had the same color hair, and it made me smile to see her, especially when her hair would shine in the sunshine.


  9. I’m a strawberry blonde and have never coloured my hair. I like natural red hair but I’m sure I’d have been teased more if I’d been more red than blonde.


  10. When I was little, my best friend had red hair, and I always envied her even though I was blonde. My niece has beautiful strawberry blonde hair, and I envy her, too! (I’m now a dishwater blonde, but I do highlights, so I envy blondes now, too! ;P )


  11. I have very dark brown hair and while I like it I have always loved my niece’s natural red hair (she called it orange when she was little!).


  12. I guess my hair is sort of a dirty blond. I was blessed with lots of natural streaks of color (reds, darks, blonds) in my hair and so far haven’t started to go grey yet. When it does start to go grey, I’m just going to go with it. My hubby is a salt and pepper coloring and I love it. My daughter has golden hair and my sons are a little darker… I love them all.


  13. I am blonde but have lighter highlights added. I went a bit darker a few months ago but am veering lighter again!
    Iain.ross30 at gmail dot com


  14. Strawberry Blonde! I’m dishwater, and birthed one son w/Blonde and the other w/Red.
    Love the Corsica Purse pattern and can’t wait for the tutorial.


  15. I love red hair-the beautiful natural auburn my sister has! Sadly I didn’t get it-but two of my kiddos do so hooray for that! 😉


  16. My hair is naturally brown with some reddish highlights. I’ve always been good with that, but now I am battling more and more grays — and I’m not so good with that!


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